I Beat the Heat This Week

It’s been so HOT this week, that’s it’s hard to even imagine a temperature below 80 anymore. With the increased heat and humidity, it’s more difficult to get off your butt and running out the door. It’s Friday afternoon and I found myself wondering how I beat the heat and still managed to get some quality runs in. I made it through the heat the following ways:

  • I got my first shipment of Nuun last week and I think I’m officially in love with “electrolyte enhanced drink tabs”. The citrus fruit flavor is absolutely delicious–a mixture of orange and grapefruit. Yummmmm! Each tube has 12 drink tabs and they’re handy enough to throw in your purse or gym bag and add to a bottle of water. I’m keeping a roll or two at my desk at work from now on.

  • Short hair–I chopped my hair off a few months ago and have recently become more grateful for it. I used to have hair that was long enough to get caught in my purse handles and my armpits on hot summer days haha. So glad I decided to cut 6+ inches off and go short for the summer!
  • My favorite Saucony singlet. It’s lightweight and fits in all the right places. It’s not too wide and not too short. Love it! Running a speed workout is much easier when you get to wear running clothing that is virtually weightless.

  • Free concerts in Millenium Park! Despite the heat, Manny and I decided to go see Blonde Readhead for the free concert at Millenium Park on Wednesday night. Summer nights in the city are absolutely amazing when you’ve got a free event to go to. We snagged a spot on the side of the stage to see most of the show and enjoyed a few cold Goose Island brews to stay cold πŸ™‚

Stay cool and relax this weekend! For those of you who have a long run scheduled, get up early so that you can enjoy a big brunch and nap afterwards πŸ™‚


Ravioli in a Coffeemaker

Now THIS would have been helpful as a college student! Apparently that overvalued college education I’ll be paying off for the next ten to fifteen years paid off because I discovered an efficient way to cook pasta without a pot, without a direct heat source, and without boiling water. Living in a small 1 bedroom apartment without a full kitchen has seriously hindered my ability to ingest pasta like it is my job in the past 14 months. Before this lifestyle change, my devotion to everything CARBS was unwavering. Especially as a college student, I couldn’t find any reason to justify not eating it for several days in a row. It’s cheap. It’s easy. It’s imperishable. It’s yummy. The end.

Last week, I tried cooking ravioli in a coffeemaker for the first time. I had no idea how it was going to turn out, as I doubted that the heat generated to make a measly cup of coffee would be a sufficient amount for cooking pasta. It turns out I had no reason to doubt the power of the coffeemaker. I bought a small package of three-cheese ravioletti by Buitoni at the grocery store down the street. The next step was to make sure the coffeemaker was clean of any leftover grounds. Considering I make coffee every morning, I knew that this might be the hardest part of the entire process–and looking back on it, it was! After cleaning it thoroughly, I filled the reservoir with water, emptied the package of ravioli into the coffee pot, and press ‘BREW’. I wish I could tell you it required some sort of culinary prowess on the part of its chef. I wish I could say that I made the ravioli with my own two hands as a sort of concession for my laziness. No such luck. I merely had a crazy idea and was crazy enough to try it out!