Finish Photo: Versions 1, 2, & 3

I’m still smiling about yesterday. It was a great day. And I’m so happy that I can go into Boston with a shiny new PR. Between Twitter, Dailymile, Instagram, and my race recap yesterday, I was overwhelmed and blown away by how supportive you crazy people out there in the world can be. I’ve said it many times before and I will say it again: social media + running = amazingness.

Yesterday afternoon, Xaarlin sent me some finish pics that she was able to snap after she finished her “10k” (in quotes because the race organizers botched the course and had to offer refunds. Derp!) I’m usually not crazy about race pics. I mean… Is anyone ever truly pleased by their facial expressions, weird flabby cheeks (ahem…double chin. see below), or the race outfit they thought they’d look like a superstar in? Ok, maybe sometimes.

I’m actually happy with this pic! Thanks for sending it, friend!

2013-03-24 17.53.31

And then….it happened. The Photoshop Queen of the Universe (Ahem…Hillary AKA Ralphie) got her hands on the photo.

2013-03-24 22.07.50

See? I told you! Photoshop QUEEN! Can’t see that bystander at all. 

And then….she sent the version that’s suitable “for my mantle”. The fancy one that makes me look like a pro.

2013-03-24 22.07.40

Again, you can’t see that bystander AT ALL!

This is clearly meant for my mantle because….

 A) Duh.

B) The Chi Town Half always draws an elite field*. You heard it here first.

C) Meb and I helped push each other to the finish. We worked together for 13.1 miles.

*Although, he must have been confused about the location because his bib clearly says “San Jose”. But he left before I could ask him about that.

This also reminds me of the time that I felt compelled to submit a photo to Ugly Race Pics after the Batavia Half last fall. They can’t all be pretty, people!



Google Said So…

So the other day, I was doing a Google Blog search for some interesting blogs written by marathoners. I typed in “marathoner” and this is what Google gave me. Somehow, I’m not that surprised!

Staying Active Enough to Feel Healthy

I’ve been feeling sorry for myself lately. And it’s just silly. Out of all the problems I could be having with my running, a little bit of tendinitis is nothing to complain about. Since I my PT appointment two weeks ago, I’ve been bummed. Coming out of my first marathon with a great experience, I was riding high. I ran an awesome 4-person relay for Back on My Feet, ran the Hot Chocolate 15k with my sister (with silly photos to prove it), and reveled in a bit of laziness. I wanted to keep going, run the same paces I was running leading up to the marathon, and dominate every workout.

I guess that all had to come to an end at some point. My body started to tell me that I was trying to do too much. But, in my stubborn ways, I just didn’t want to listen to it. Other people may be able to jump back out there after a marathon and conquer the world with consistently amazing runs but I guess my body is not built that way. I’m allowing myself some down time now and trying to enjoy the rest while it lasts because there are some good things in store for the spring (hint hint).

These past two weeks, I’ve put in the lowest running mileage of my entire year of training. It almost makes me cringe to write that or even say it out loud to friends. It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of, but when you’re used to putting in 25-55 miles a week, it pains you to see a measly ‘9 miles’ on your Dailymile totals. In my own head: “NINE miles?! That’s it? That’s a normal weekly training run during marathon training! I ran 13 miles before work one day in August!”. I’m working on forgetting all about those numbers and staying active in other ways. This past week, I’ve gone to the gym a few times to double up on the treadmill and bike. While I dread running on a treadmill after running outside all year, it’s refreshing to “be able to” run just a few miles at a quick pace and hop immediately onto the bike to continue the Sweat Fest. Even though I’m limiting myself to 3 mile runs, I’m finding ways to stay active and get that healthy exercise ‘high’. A few weeks ago, I experienced pain even while walking because of the tendinitis. And slowly but surely, the pain is becoming less frequent and only seems to be a problem when I get up in the morning.

I’m going to Bikram yoga tonight. It will be my 2nd time at this studio. The first time I went?….Not so much fun. I spent approximately 25 minutes out of the 90 minute class just laying on my mat trying to work up the motivation to continue with the series of poses. My heart was beating out of my chest and I wondered why people would put themselves through this sick self-torture for 90 minutes. But alas, I hope to redeem myself tonight by only rolling around on my mat for 15 out of those 90 grueling minutes. It’s really time I stopped making excuses and got my butt to the Bikram studio at least once a week (if not more). I’ve certainly got the time to do so now that I’m not officially training for a marathon. Besides…these poses are so simple…right?

It’s harder than it looks ina room over 110 degrees, I promise. Instead of enjoy a peaceful hour and half of relaxing yoga, this is more along the lines of what I think in studio:

I’ll let you know if I survive tonight’s class! 🙂

Oh ya, and about those spring races? I’ve got three half marathons on a tentative schedule and I have a feeling I’m going to be able to pick up on some speed I didn’t know I had.


When was the last time you tried a new workout? Did you stick with it? How have you worked through an injury or a set-back lately?



I always thought of myself as photogenic…

This past weekend, I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k with my older sister, Brittany. And, as I alluded to in my previous post, we had a lot of fun sprinting to the end after a nice run through the city. Luckily, there were photographers present to demonstrate how photogenic and how unphotogenic we can be. Proof below…

Here we are. Lookin’ pretty. We may be cold, but we’re put together. Looking forward to getting the race started and running for hot chocolate and fondue.

It’s about to get ugly…

I spotted the Marathon Foto dude. So maybe I am photogenic. Unlike THAT dude who just had to push ‘stop’ on his Garmin at the exact right moment in time. (I kid. I get it. Time is important.)

This is my favorite. Wait for it…….

Bahahahhaa! This is Brittany. After I told her that she should probably use those legs–afterall, she WAS on the 4 x 800 relay team in high school when they hopped right on up to the Indiana State Track & Field championships. Yup, that lit a fire under her butt! (That and she WAS running for chocolate. duh.)

So there you have it, proof that we can be photogenic if we put our minds to it and proof that we may not be that attractive when we lose our minds. But at least we had fun. 🙂


It’s Friday & You May Have Felt This Way All Week

I found this video gem today and have to share it with you!

Sometimes we spend a lot of time trying to accomplish the impossible. But at least (most of the time) it creates a laugh…

I guess it’s up to us whether or not we can laugh at ourselves or allow others to do that for us.

When the Silly Comes Along…

When we (M & J) set out to write down our wandering and pondering thoughts in this blog, I never thought it would be simmered down to a silly post that was the result of boredom on the computer with simultaneous stupid t.v. action. But alas! The moment is upon us and I had some fun with gifs tonight…

Gif Created on Make A Gif

This is just a small taste of the facial expression range that my boyfriend possesses. Enjoy.