Bum Knee Be Gone! Back To Regularly Scheduled Programming

3 weeks post-fall and everyone (including myself) is likely sick of me talking about the bum knee. The good news is that it’s run its course and I’ve been pain-free for about a week now.

The last update chronicled the progress I made within two weeks of falling. I was pretty optimistic about the inflammation in the bursa going down on its own and doubted that I would need the doc to give me a cortisone shot. After resting through the two-week mark (with a fair amount of pain-free cycling to keep me from going absolutely insane), I went for a 20-minute test run with Corey last Sunday. It’s tough to describe what it felt like but it didn’t really feel good and it didn’t really feel bad. Just “meh”. That’s not really the feeling I was hoping for. So, I emailed my doc that afternoon to let her know how the knee was doing and this was her response:

I think it would be good to get an MRI of the knee to confirm that there is nothing else going on. I would hate to do a steroid injection if there was an underlying fracture or tear.

I was a bit disappointed about it but knew the MRI was the right thing to do. And she heard my message about wanting to clear this up ASAP loud and clear because we were able to schedule an MRI for the next day and she just happened to have an available appointment on Tuesday. So, fingers crossed– all would be resolved (or at least we would know more) by Tuesday at 9 am.

Fast forward to the appointment. (cue nervous jitters in the waiting room) Prepatellar Bursitis was the correct diagnosis. I was so relieved. The doc showed me basically every image of the MRI and said that my knee looks really strong (no damage to ACL, MCL, etc). Apparently I fell squarely on my bursa and that cushioned the fall for my patella. Two minutes later she gave me a cortisone shot to reduce the inflammation and five minutes later I was sauntering out of the doc’s office with a goofy smile on my face.

2014-08-05 09.19.35-1

And then. I bought a white chocolate passion fruit donut to celebrate. Necessary.

The “bad” news? She prescribed more rest through the end of the week. So that would total 3 weeks of no running and a heck of a lot of frustration. The GREAT NEWS?! I was 95% pain-free by the next afternoon and I was finally able to sweat on the bike last week. I did 5 hours of cross-training and even did a two-hour session on Sunday to replicate a long run (1 hr spin bike, 1 hr open stride machine). For anyone that’s ever used the Open Stride machine, can we talk about how tough of a workout that can be?!

2014-08-08 10.59.37

Missing the lakefront path like crazy, but happy just to be able to SWEAT!

So, this is all to say, that TODAY I get to run! My right knee cap looks identical to my left knee cap (gasp!) and I feel like my normal self again. Like any injury, I’m still really paranoid that the pain will return. I find myself doing normal things throughout the day and wondering if my knee will hurt if I ____(fill in the blank)_____.  This injury has been anything but normal–and I may never live down what a clumsy fall that was. I’m going to stay patient the next few weeks and just see how running goes. As of today, I have 12 weeks to Monumental. And while I know I would be well on my way to a strong training cycle had I not taken this bad fall three weeks ago, I think I’ll give this cycle a shot.

Tell me your ‘falling while running’ stories!

– J

14 thoughts on “Bum Knee Be Gone! Back To Regularly Scheduled Programming

  1. cnbenton says:

    Glad to hear you’re on your way back! My worst running fall was on a downhill about 4 days before my first NYC Half a couple of years ago. I sprained my wrist pretty badly and running the race while trying to hold a limb perfectly still was probably a questionable choice (Although, $120! No deferrals! Priorities, y’all.)…but somehow it was only a couple of minutes off my PR, ha.

  2. fashionablemiles says:

    SO happy you’re able to run again! 12 weeks is totally enough time with your level of fitness! I’m only 8 weeks out from Chicago and bagged my long run last weekend and only ran a total of 10 miles last week. Trying this whole listening to my body philosophy…what a concept 😉 The good news? We booked our flights– look out windy city! 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks Holly! You should have seen me yesterday – 5 miles felt ‘long’ & I’ve definitely lost some fitness, but I was all smiles afterward. And today I’m feeling a good kind of sore (from FIVE miles lol). So excited to see you run Chi! It’s going to be a great weekend!

  3. runnerunderpressure says:

    I take a solid fall about once a year (which means I’m due, I guess). A couple of years ago, however, I was visiting a friend in New York and went on a little trail adventure in April. The ground was still hard and I tripped over a root and went down hard enough to chip a tooth, rip out my belly button ring and get a concussion. Oops. I was most upset that I tore a hole in my favorite running tights, however. Glad you’re healed up.

    • Jenny says:

      Bah! That sounds like a rough tumble! (And I think most runners would be upset about ripping a hole in a favorite pair of tights). Thanks for sharing – makes me feel a bit less clumsy 😉

  4. M @readeatwriterun says:

    Glad it’s getting better!

    What’s on Open Stride machine? (Pic too?)

    I fell running uphill during the June RunnersWorld Heartbreak Hill half! (Pix & details on my blog) Didn’t lose much time thanks to RW editor helping me up. Lots of blood and nice scar but no real swelling. (Had more when I fell on knees on concrete in parking garage)

  5. Laura @losingrace says:

    Glad things are on the up&up with that knee! I think getting an MRI to make sure everything was ok, was a very smart move (and glad the results were good!). Have fun getting back into training, you are a strong ass runner and 12 weeks is plenty of time for you to knock out a kick butt training cycle!

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