Fall Training & Racing Plans

Fall racing plans are finally coming together. After a disappointing Boston race, I knew I wanted redemption in the fall (despite my best attempts at telling myself I would “only” train for a half marathon). I’m still chasing that sub-3:10 goal that I set for the year and I have a feeling I’ve found the perfect place to do it.

Today is Day 1 of training for…. the Monumental Marathon in Indy!


There are a lot of reasons why I think Indy is going to be a good race for me. I grew up in the Indy area and there’s a certain hometown advantage that I’m banking on. Having family members on the course will mean a lot and I am familiar with the streets (especially after pacing my friend through the first half last year). Plus, the perks of sleeping in a familiar bed and enjoying a home-cooked meal by my mom are pretty irresistible. Also, the weather tends to cooperate. It’s several weeks after the Chicago Marathon during the first weekend of November. I’m hoping for race conditions just like last year – cool and calm from start to finish. I like cool temps. 🙂 Annnnnd, the course is flat. Helloooooo pancake-flat course! I think we’ll get along well.

I’m planning on racing a 5k and 10k as part of my training for Monumental. I hope I can make both races hurt and PR, but I’ll be happy with a solid effort. The focus is on the marathon. As of right now, I don’t think I’ll race a half marathon this cycle. I normally like to race a half as part of my training but I don’t want to squeeze too much racing into a 16-week cycle. The half can be a confidence boost especially when I really feel like I’m in shape, but I’m going to try to be patient and enjoy the process of training again.

So, 16 weeks to race day and today is the day that I woke up with a horrible summer cold. (cue: whining) A sore throat and a stuffy nose aren’t exactly ideal when your motivation to run is high. I think I’ll spend a few days blowing my nose and consuming Nyquil before doing any tough workouts. (I can only imagine how much snot would flow out of my nose if I attempted to do speedwork today.) Let’s hope this cold goes away soon!

… The excitement doesn’t stop there, folks!


I’m helping my sister to train for her first maraton this fall with Saucony 26 Strong. Our original plan was to run the California International Marathon in December. We were really excited about it! And then!… Saucony asked each team if they were interested in switching their goal race to the…. Honolulu Marathon. (I feel like I’m kidding, but I’m not.)

We considered Honolulu a few months ago, but thought we’d go with a race that typically has cooler weather. I wanted to find ideal racing conditions, especially for her first. Welp! It didn’t take much convincing to switch to Honolulu considering several other teams will be there with us and we’ll have some fun pre- and post-race activities. My sister has been building up her base for almost 2 months now and her training will officially begin the first week of August. I think we’re both still in denial that her first marathon is going to be in Honolulu.

Between the two of us (and the Man running his first 26.2 at Chicago!), we have a lot of miles to run this summer! I think the rest of 2014 is going to be pretty fabulous. I think today may be the one and only time I register for two marathons within ten minutes — but don’t quote me on that.

2014-07-07 11.16.23


11 thoughts on “Fall Training & Racing Plans

  1. Pete B says:

    Honolulu Marathon? Awesome! I had that “summer cold” all last week. I think a lot of people are suffering through it right now. I took the entire week off from running. My running break ended on the 4th just in time for a 5 mile race. I am still congested, but the other symptoms have gone away. Get better soon! 🙂

  2. Dan says:

    I’m also targeting the Monumental Marathon this year as my next marathon PR attempt (gunning for 3:19 or below). Best of luck with training — hope we both make it to the starting line ready to kill it!

  3. iheartpikermis says:

    Honolulu?! That’s so sweet. I’m jealous!

    Another benefit to later fall races means that (hopefully) the weather will cooperate and you’ll have less terrible summer weather for those long runs. Doing 17 miles in 90% humidity is pretty much the worst thing ever.

  4. runnerunderpressure says:

    It’s so fun to hear everyone’s finalized fall marathon plans! I’ve heard nothing but great things about Monumental Marathon. And Honolulu?!? My sister is only on half marathons now but I’m really hoping she’s that kind when she selects her first full!

  5. Susan - Nurse on the Run says:

    It’s been a week since you posted this, so hopefully you’re feeling better and getting into the swing of training! Are you using a coach or going by your own plan? (I’m pondering the coach thing for my next marathon…so just wondering!)

    And Honolulu? Seriously jealous – what an awesome first marathon location for all the newbies!

    • Jenny says:

      Feeling much better, Susan! The cold cleared up for the most part by Thursday- just in time for me to jump into a 5k haha. I’m coaching myself this year – it’s been a fun/interesting switch from depending on a coach. For now, I’m enjoying it!

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