Grand Rapids Training 2013: 8 Weeks Out

Grand Rapids Marathon Training Week 9

I ran 34 miles this week.

This week was a step-back week of sorts because I ran the Hood to Coast Relay with Nuun Hydration over the weekend. I flew out on Wednesday (my normal rest day) but didn’t have a normal long run over the weekend. I’ll have a full recap of the experience up soon but here’s how last week’s training broke down:


Easy 6 miles, 8:01 average pace. Remember that time I thought I was becoming a morning runner? That’s funny. Haven’t been able to force myself out of bed in the mornings lately and today was no exception. Would have gone out for the run during lunch but had a lot of work to do before leaving for Hood to Coast. Legs felt sluggish for the first 2 and then they loosened up a bit.


Easy 8 miles with surges, 7:56 average pace. Legs felt sluggish the entire time. Likely need a good foam roller session tonight. Included 6 x 30 sec surges just to get the legs loose.


REST Day & Travel Day!


Easy 6 miles, 7:45 average pace. Run around Green Lake with the Nuun Hood to Coast crew before invading the Oiselle HQ. Someone pinch me, quick!

Green Lake, Seattle

Friday/Saturday: Hood to Coast Relay!

15 + miles (Recap to be published soon!)

I tried to get a decent warm-up and cool-down in before and after each one of my legs but never tracked it. Mileage likely wasn’t substantial but I hate not having the data. πŸ™‚

Highlights of the Week:

Pics o’ The Week:

2013-08-18 17.50.18

We drove back from Michigan last Sunday with the essentials: a happy pup and beer.

2013-08-20 12.36.15

Successfully packed everything I needed for 5 days into one medium-sized duffle. Skillz.

2013-08-21 14.28.15


2013-08-23 12.42.37

View from inside the van on the drive up to Mount Hood

– J

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