Bastille Day 5k + Race Redemption

Spoiler alert! : I raced another 5k. And this time I had fun and ran fast. 🙂

I signed up for the Bastille Day 5k about two months ago. I didn’t have any intention of racing. I was looking forward to running it for fun with the Man as part of his training for his first half marathon. (eeek!) I told Coach about it when I signed up and we agreed that it would just be an easy day of running in order to focus on racing hard at the Rock ‘n Roll half next weekend.

On Monday I was comfortable with just running the 5k for fun.

On Tuesday I texted Coach to ask if I could run 2 miles of the 5k up tempo.

On Wednesday I texted him and told him I wanted to race it.

On Thursday I RACED.

My legs were not fresh. On Tuesday, I ran mile repeats that felt easier than they ever have before, at a pace faster than I ran them last cycle. The speed is coming back to my legs!

Unlike the Chicago Women’s 5k, I was excited and anxious to race this time around. I was nervous in a good way. I knew I was going to PR–it was just that kind of night. At the Chi Women’s 5k I was lethargic, apathetic, and generally “meh” about the whole idea of racing. I wasn’t nervous about racing because I just didn’t want to be there. It felt good to turn that attitude around and get to the start line with confidence.

I talked with Britt and Annabelle before we started. I knew I’d be chasing these speedy ladies for the next +/- 20 minutes 🙂 Hillary, Chanthana, and I ran a 2 mi warm-up and arrived at the start line about 2 seconds before their 8k started. Derp!

I don’t really have many thoughts on the race because I literally just RAN and tried not to over-think things.






What I Did Differently:

  • wrote in my moment journal the night before & gave myself a pep talk
  • ran with my iPod – tunes tunes tunes!
  • focused on running in the moment with *km splits instead of mile splits
  • ran a longer warm-up – 2 miles rather than 1 mile
*Can’t seem to view km splits on my watch or in Garmin Connect now. Would like to know them!

Bastille Day 5k PR

New, 33 second PR 20:05

The course felt lucky because my previous PR was on the same course last year.

A nice little confidence boost heading into the Rock ‘n Roll Half, I’d say!

Bastille Day 5k 2013 Results

I was chasing those speedy girls the entire time.

…Notice something? I’m not listed in the race results. I would have placed 6th female finisher overall and 2nd place in my AG if my chip time had been recorded. I sent an email to the race director on Friday along with my Garmin data to ask them if I can be entered into the results. Hoping they do and I can “officially” claim the PR.

2013-07-11 20.16.02


Quad selfies

Taking selfies to a whole new level, one Michelob Ultra at a time.



18 thoughts on “Bastille Day 5k + Race Redemption

  1. Annabelle says:

    Did you email the race director with your Garmin data? You raced perfectly, and based on those splits I’d say you’ve got at least another 10seconds you can run off that PR!

  2. ErinAMG says:

    I was just thinking about your race again this weekend and wondered if the RD had ever gotten back to you. I really hope he/she does! Way to race, lady… and what a difference just a few weeks, and the right mindset, can make. You totally owned it! Now it’s time to rock RnR! 🙂

  3. hyedi says:

    Congratulations!! I’m really interested in the things you listed that you did differently — especially “focused on running in the moment with *km splits instead of mile splits.” I’ve never thought about that, but it definitely makes sense!

  4. Declan says:

    awesome splits! Funny, as much as I don’t like listening to music when I run, my fastest half time came to listening to Electronic Cardio Radio on Pandora.

    Good job!!

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