A “Moment” Journal

Motivational Running Thoughts

Last night after dinner, I sat down to think. After my last 5k I lost a bit of my motivational mojo. But on Tuesday, I had a bit of a breakthrough. I ran mile repeats faster than I did last cycle in conditions that were far from ideal. 73 degrees and 93% humidity at 6 AM is no joke. It was the first workout in awhile that I can remember positive thoughts. Thoughts like “I can do this. Only  a little bit more. Just keep the legs moving”, rather than “man, am I done yet?! This feels harder than it should. I can’t wait to be finished.”

Those thoughts bring about two drastically different results.

I write in a journal from time to time. I realized last year that my journal was turning into a place of complaint and anxiety, as opposed to one of motivation and happiness. Now, whenever I feel like I need to take stock of the good things in life, I write down a “moment”. My journal is now a collection of “moments”. They can be as small as that moment in the early morning when it’s just me, my thoughts, and a cup of coffee. Enjoying a new book or a lazy Sunday afternoon are small moments I try to remember. Or the moments can be as big as a new addition to the family, an exciting breakthrough at work, or a kickass race time.

Last night’s journal entry was like a personal pep talk–all of the reasons why I am motivated to keep going and keep pushing.

Do you keep a journal, for running thoughts or otherwise? Do you think it helps with your “mental game”?

{If you haven’t thought about the difference between “in spite of” and “because of”, Hillary has some words of wisdom for you: “That’s some bullshit”.}

4 thoughts on “A “Moment” Journal

  1. Declan says:

    I try to put my feelings into my morning posts, but what keeps me most grounded is my wife and kid. If I let negativity arise from running, it falls onto them. If I push myself too hard, I’m useless to them later in the day after work. If I don’t push myself hard enough, why am I using time I could be sleeping or staying up later with my wife? Running is my last me time that I can count on. If everything goes bad training wise in a run, I remind myself, I do this because it is fun and refocus.
    Plus, I think my wife believes in my pie in the sky goal times more than I do, so I can’t let her down 🙂

    Plus, if I had a paper journal, it would be my kid’s coloring book pretty fast!

  2. Maggie says:

    I’ve kept a journal since I was a kid (although back then I called it my diary), so my entries have definitely evolved over the years. During Christmas, I got a “Happiness Project” journal through a grab bag, and it is set-up so you make short posts everyday for 5 years. It’s kind of nice to force myself to document a thought every day, and then once I get through year one, each post will also allow me to reflect on the previous posts from that date.

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