The Habit of ‘Reading Later’

Lately, I’ve been into long reads. I’ve been saving every link that sounds remotely interesting to Pocket and spending time each day reading articles that I normally wouldn’t. It’s no surprise that there’s so much interesting content out there. Instead of scrolling through links and thinking to myself, “well, that sounds interesting. I’ll read it later”, it’s refreshing to sit down & devour interesting reads each day. Here are some of my recent favorites (some running-related, some random):

15 Things to Keep Doing in Your 20s

Like most, I’m a bit overwhelmed by all of the things we’re “supposed to do” at a certain age. I think I’d change the title of this article to “15 Things to Keep Doing Until You Die”. Yep, that sounds about right.

Company Man by David Sedaris

I recently read Sedaris’ new novel and it was just as good as I expected it to be. (Perfect vacation read for anyone looking for one!) I used to sleepwalk when I was a kid so the story about his sister in this New Yorker article is especially entertaining.

Summer Reading: 2013’s Best New Running Books

I added several of these to my Goodreads ‘To Read’ bookshelf. Hoping to find the time to read them this summer.

What Life Was Like Before Smartphones

Simple and true. (Unplugging on vacation was quiet and heavenly.) Along the same lines, this NYTimes article discusses techies ditching their online time as well: Disruptions: Even the Tech Elites Leave Gadgets Behind.

Bret, Unbroken

If there’s one article you read from this post, this should be it. Runner’s World published it at the beginning of May, but it’s still got me thinking. Note: get the Kleenex ready!

This Is Water

Still sorting through thoughts on this speech by the late DFW. One of my favorite sections is:

And the world will not discourage you from operating on your default settings, because the world of men and money and power hums along quite nicely on the fuel of fear and contempt and frustration and craving and the worship of self. Our own present culture has harnessed these forces in ways that have yielded extraordinary wealth and comfort and personal freedom. The freedom to be lords of our own tiny skull-sized kingdoms, alone at the centre of all creation. This kind of freedom has much to recommend it. But there are all different kinds of freedom, and the kind that is most precious you will not hear much talked about in the great outside world of winning and achieving and displaying. The really important kind of freedom involves attention, and awareness, and discipline, and effort, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them, over and over, in myriad petty little unsexy ways, every day. That is real freedom. The alternative is unconsciousness, the default setting, the “rat race” – the constant gnawing sense of having had and lost some infinite thing.

Your Coffee Horoscope

On Saturday, I somehow managed to make it to 4 pm without a single cup of coffee. While it was unintentional, I realized the true extent of my caffeine addiction after a lingering headache and a killer 3-hour nap on the couch that afternoon. 🙂 Still, I find anything relating coffee choice to personality interesting. My only question is, what if I order something different every time?!

Alexi Pappas: The Rawbook

There’s no doubt Alexi has somewhat of a following, especially after the Youtube video of her cheering on Jordan Hasay. The Rawbook interview just adds another layer.

WANT! Get Shit Done Mug

This isn’t a read, but a WANT! They also have the design as a large format poster that I’m considering. I might have to dedicate a wall to GSD-related prints because it would look good next to this one (that I have yet to frame).

What have you been reading lately? Do you save articles to read later or just in the moment?

– J

2 thoughts on “The Habit of ‘Reading Later’

  1. Jen says:

    I’m currently reading Matt Fitzgerald’s book on nutrition and it’s great! I have Mipham’s meditation book on reserve at the library, and I’m excited to read that one too.

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