11 Things I Learned On Vacation


This past Tuesday, I returned from a 5-night vacation in Cabo San Lucas. This is what I learned:

  1. It’s never too early to order a piña colada. They’re especially delicious for breakfast.
  2. Buying “real books”, as opposed to using my Kindle, was liberating. No screens = happy eyeballs.
  3. Taking the time to think about absolutely nothing is time well spent.
  4. I missed the Chicago lakefront after approximately 4 days away. A humid gym at the resort just didn’t cut it.
  5. Avoiding clocks is something everyone should do on vacation (or whenever possible. weekends?)
  6. Note to future self: do not go to a resort for my 40th birthday with a gaggle of girlfriends. You’ll look ridiculous, tired, & drunk.
  7. My cup of coffee in the morning has never tasted so good as it did on that balcony overlooking the ocean. :sigh:
  8. Fresh fruit and Nuun. Fresh fruit and Nuun. Margaritas. Fresh fruit and Nuun.
  9. SPF50 prevented a sunburn. It also prevented a nice tan from developing.
  10. Never, EVER take full advantage of the open bar on a dinner cruise. (You and your boyfriend will be the only ones on the dance floor and the ‘audience’ will proceed to take videos of you “dancing” and post them on Youtube…). And no, I’m not speaking from experience.
  11. Doing what you want to do, when you want to do it is exactly what vacation is for. Mission accomplished.


2 thoughts on “11 Things I Learned On Vacation

  1. Pete B says:

    Sounds like an awesome vacation! I hear you about missing the Chicago Lakefront. When I’m on vacation I always try to imagine living in the place I’m visiting, then I realize it doesn’t have a lakefront trail and I realize I could not live there!

  2. Kristen L says:

    Sounds like you had a fantastic vacation!! I like reading real books when I’m away too if I can. And getting away from the clock / doing whatever you feel like. 🙂

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