A Few Reasons To Be Happy

I’ve smiled more in the past two days than I smiled all last week. There’s a lot to be said for a few good nights of sleep and a new mindset thanks to a clear schedule last weekend. I tried my best not to put anything on the calendar or think about what time it was (note: avoiding a clock is harder than it seems!).

Post-marathon recovery is going well. I think my legs are confused at this point. They’re restless at times, heavy at times, and some sort of mixture between those two at other times. It appears that reverse taper madness is alive and well in my world. It seems like Boston was more than 9 days ago. A lot has happened since then. I was looking at the calendar last night and realized that April is GONE. When did *that* happen?!

Hillary made my day when sent me a link to this month’s Chicago Athlete. Turns out I placed 21st out of 50 of the women from Illinois racing Boston this year! :Mind=blown: It’s really cool to see the locals represented at Boston and my name among them. Cheesin’!

ChicagoAthlete_April_2013 Arrow

Pinch me.

So…what’s “next”? I haven’t gotten there just yet. I know that I want to take 4-6 weeks off of a consistent training cycle for some easy miles (and impromptu fartleks). I started daydreaming about more spin classes while I was working the other day so that will probably happen too. I’m looking forward to a bit of a change of pace and rest, but I know that once I get into that rhythm it will likely change. I can only rest for so long before I get antsy to put another race on the calendar. I’m sure I’ll do 1-2 half marathons this summer just to get to a start line.

For now, the only event I’ve committed to is …..

Hood to Coast with the #NuunHTC team in August!

After a cancelled and rebooked flight from Boston last Wednesday, I really needed something to smile about. I submitted a silly video application to the Nuun team on a silly whim a few weeks ago and honestly didn’t think I had much of a chance of being selected. (If you have seen some of the other applications, you know what I’m talking about!) I’m really looking forward to an adventure and connecting with badass ladies from across the country. The ultimate bonding experience is in a sweaty, smelly van, right?! I’ve already decided that I need to work on my vuvuzela skills.

Beyond August, I will definitely be running a fall marathon but I haven’t decided which one yet. Grand Rapids is high on the list mostly because of the beer options afterward. (Duh).

Speaking of R-E-S-T (my body says, “what’s that??”)! Last night I officially booked a VACATION. In the words of the Man, “Even though Jennyย and I just got back from an “adventure”, We just booked another one with more SUN and SAND and Exotic Appeal.” I.cannot.freaking.wait. I need time to unplug, drink countless margaritas, and read silly beach novels. If I do anything more active than that, it will be because I was forced to. I booked the tripย last nightย and I’ve already started thinking about what I’m going to be packing in my suitcase. Definite sign that I need some R & R.

To those of you running Eugene this weekend, KICK THAT RACE’S ASS!! If you begin to lose momentum, just remember…I’ll be tracking you! Don’t let the internet down!

How much time do you take to recover after a marathon? What tips do you have for a Hood To Coast noob? How far out do you plan your races?


26 thoughts on “A Few Reasons To Be Happy

  1. Annabelle says:

    I just caught wind of this list as well, and it 100% brightened my day! Congrats on a great race, with love from #33 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jenny says:

      Ahh! Congrats speedy! Hope your recovery is going well (if it’s anything like mine, it involves a lot of food and beer and couch time). What’s next for you?

  2. Annabelle says:

    Haha, yah my body is reacting like yours, great one hour and exhausted the next. I’m doing the half in Palos on the 5th, then I’m not sure, I’m itching for another marathon soon, as a therapuetic gesture…but not sure yet.

    • ErinAMG says:

      AB, you and Jenny are like local celebrities! Love it!

      And Jenny, thanks for the Eugene shout-out and all the congratulatory notes… totally awesome and unexpected. Love the love!

      One more thing: I did Madison-Chicago Ragnar last year (and will this year with AB!) and found this guide pretty helpful, in terms of how to pack. I’m sure there are some things that will be different between Ragnar and HTC, but at least it’s a foundation: http://www.losingitwithoutlosingme.com/2012/05/amys-36-rules-for-running-a-ragnar-relay/.

      • Annabelle says:

        Thank you!!! I finally ran a whopping 5mi last night, so hopefully training can resume soon! Also, I am anxiously awaiting detail upon details about Eugene, I plan to patent a Boston-to-Eugene adventure package next year ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Lucas says:

    Yay for online stalkers to give us extra motivation! ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks and nice work at Boston. We’re very impressed by your time!

  4. cisforcourtney says:

    So glad to hear you are smiling again and that the legs are recovering well! Congrats on making Nuun’s HTC team – relays sound like they would be a ton of fun. I’ve also heard the scenery of this particular relay is absolutely spectacular!

    I always seem to unintentionally take about a month off after marathons… or just run when I feel like it!

    • Jenny says:

      I think a runcation/adventure is just what I need. Just wish I didn’t have to wait until August to do it! I’m the same when it comes to recovery. 4-6 weeks of easy runs do the body (and mind) good. How are you feelin’, taper crazy?!

  5. Susan - Nurse on the Run says:

    Nuun!! Hooray! Best tips of the day: BABY WIPES FOR EVERYONE. And bring ziplock bags to put each outfit in so you’re not digging through your bag looking for your next round of clothes. And it seals up your sweaty clothes so your stuff stays clean and not smelly!

  6. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    So Awesome!! You deserve a break for sure!!
    Susan said it best: Baby wipes…defintiely!! Ziplock bags are a must also! Get ready to have a great time!!
    I am already thinking about what races i am going to do in 2014/2015. I like to plan ahead. For booking flights and getting the best deal when signing up for a race. ๐Ÿ™‚

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