Boston Marathon 2013 Training: Week 12 of 14

BM2013 Week 12 Training


After last weekend’s half marathon, this week was full of easy runs and my final 20-miler (which wasn’t necessarily easy but it made me feel prepared for race day). My legs weren’t sore but my body was just fatigued. Oddly, the most uncomfortable part was between my shoulder blades. I think I spent a lot of energy just bracing for the wind and navigating that silly course. This week was the first week in awhile with the majority of my runs in the morning. I’ve been dividing my work day with easy runs too often and felt good about running them and moving on this week.

I ran 43 miles this week + 1 core routine + 1 strength routine:




Easy 4 miles, 8:37 average.


Easy 6, 8:30 average. Nothin’ to see here, folks!


9.25 miles, 7:30 total average pace.

First true workout of the week was a relatively short progressive tempo. I was anxious to get the legs moving after two easy runs (on the treadmill, no less). Apparently they were ready because my tempo splits were right on. Ran 2 mi w/up, 4 mi progressive tempo between 7:15-6:50, and 3 mi cooldown. Tempo splits: 7:09, 7:01, 6:57, 6:48.


Easy 4, 8:24 average pace. Finished with core and form drills. I was a bad runner this week and did not spend nearly enough time foam rolling, stretching, or strength training. I usually like to get started on core work and form drills early in the week so my legs aren’t working too hard during the long run but that just didn’t happen this week. Now that I’m tapering, the foam roller is going to be my best friend. Noted.


Final 20-miler of the cycle COMPLETE! And officially in taper mode now (AKA Taper Tantrum mode. GIMME ALL THE FOOD, PEOPLE!)  This run was fueled by margaritas and tacos from Big Star. Apparently that stuff’s good fuel because this run was amazing. I was anxious to get it done early because I had plans to go to the Chicago Beer Festival all afternoon. Proper recovery, no? (Nah. You’re probably right.)

I ran on the south end of the lakeshore path for the first time in what felt like months. I’ve missed running south—you can only run north so many times before you begin to feel like you could run it on autopilot with your eyes closed (although that’s something I’ve never tried). The path was FULL of people especially during the last half of my run. It was 33 degrees when I started and around 38 degrees when I finished but I was really happy with my decision to wear shorts and a warm long sleeve. I ditched the gloves 2 miles into the run (hid them so I could pick them up on the way back) and kept my ears warm with a headband.

I think the short form drill routine I did on Friday made my legs heavy for the first half. Struggled to turn them ON but halfway through something clicked and they found more of a rhythm. I took a Gu at miles 10 and 15 and felt really energetic in the last three miles (after seeing Xaarlin running with L and the pup!)

March 30 2013 20 mile splits

Highlights o’ The Week:

  • Added to my running playlist: Love on Top by Beyonce. I know. Typical.
  • On Monday night, a bunch of runnerds went to Jake Melnick’s to talk ….running and celebrate Tim’s birthday. He turned 21 (heh…)  so he’s officially legal now. He celebrated by double-fisting cookie skillets and devouring the majority of one of them. Ed showed up with an awesome bag of goodies as a present. He gave Tim all of the bars, powders, vitamins, and snacks we all tend to accumulate as runners. We’re fairly certain about half of the stuff was expired but Tim enjoyed the present nonetheless.
  • Coffee. Coffee is always a highlight.
  • Sleep. Sleeeeep. And more sleep.
  • And beer. Can’t forget beer.

Pictures o’ The Week:

2013-03-25 14.22.25

This arrived. Let the jitters begin!

2013-03-27 12.33.43

New obsession. Is it wrong that the first thought I had after my first sip was how delicious a Kombucha Cocktail would be?

Kristy’s kombucha photos forced me to buy one.

2013-03-28 18.16.19

Inspiration was delivered this week. I’m going to devour these books this coming week.

Can’t believe I haven’t picked up Pre yet. Anyone else read Lean In?  Sheryl Sandberg was in town this week and the Trib put up her full talk online if you’re interested.

2013-03-30 09.01.20

View of downtown from the south shore during my 20-miler. Doesn’t it look like a balmy summer morning? Warmth is cominngggggg, I can feel it!

2013-03-30 10.13.40

I’m ready.

2013-03-30 16.58.12

Post-20 miler beer fest. Recovery!


7 thoughts on “Boston Marathon 2013 Training: Week 12 of 14

  1. Pete B says:

    Great 20 miler. Nice fast, consistent pace. Coincidentally, I just read “Pre.” It’s hard to believe that we are in the midst of taper time. Have fun eating, I know I am! 🙂

  2. cisforcourtney says:

    another solid week of training in the books! nice work! isn’t that SO weird how you think your legs will never wake up and then something just clicks? i experienced that today. by mile 6 of 8 i was thanking my legs for deciding to join the party!

    seriously SO excited for you to crush boston! also, my fingers are crossed that you will do a review on the kinvara 4’s!

    • Jenny says:

      Haha, LEGS JOIN THE PARTY WOULD YA?! I’ll try yelling at them next time they don’t cooperate. Can’t believe the taper is here. After training through a cold, blistery winter, it’s hard to believe race day is almost here and it’s somewhat warm out. (I’ll definitely do a review of the K4s!)

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