Boston Marathon 2013 Training: Week 9 of 14

After last week’s snot fest, the mileage this week was much higher. I spent most of last week feeling sorry for myself. Like most runners, I was frustrated because my head cold was preventing me from running and pushing myself in each workout as much as I wanted. It’s really easy for me to get down on myself sometimes. Ultimately, I need to learn to be more patient and trust that I’ll feel better soon.

I tried to be patient with myself this week and let the miles come to me. I honestly can’t believe how good closing out the week with today’s 18-miler felt. All good signs that I’m working hard and will have a great race at Boston. I’m starting to get excited to race again…and that’s ALWAYS a good thing.

I know that if I want to run a PR at Boston, I will. All I have to do is keep telling myself that I will. 

I ran 46.5 miles this week + 3 core routines + 2 strength routines.

BM2013 Week 9 Training

Monday: 8 miles, 8:32 average pace. Treadmill. It felt good to get a solid 8 in on a Monday, especially after how mopey I was feeling on Sunday post-race. Once I saw the race results and Coach gave me a reality check, I was ready to take on the week and realize that I am, in fact, getting in good shape. Sore throat and congestion still hanging around but not really affecting my easy runs.

+ 30 mintes form drills & core routine

Tuesday: 35 minute core routine. Ok, I have to admit something. This workout was from Jillian Michael’s 6 Week 6 Pack DVD. Yes, I have become THAT girl. I felt a large amount of shame when I put it into my Amazon cart, but, to be fair, the workout is intense and Jillian is just as tough on a DVD as she is on Biggest Loser (she even gives the two girls that do the workout with her a hard time—and they actually have 6-packs, so….there’s that.)

2013-03-05 13.49.55

Stop judging me, people. I’m gonna be RIPPED.
On another note—this cover is total airbrushed. Is there NO HOPE, Jillian?!

Wednesday: 7.15 miles; 8:23 average pace with 2 x 1/2 mile hills at 3% incline. Hills don’t exist around here (and no, Cricket Hill doesn’t count.) Just like anyone that trains in flat land for Boston, I’m beginning to get a little nervous about them. I try to keep my cadence high and my feet moving when I move uphill and it’s never been a problem for me on other hilly courses (like Batavia or Twin Cities, somewhat). Hoping that’s the case at Boston too! Side note: I have a flexible work schedule which means that I usually don’t get up super early to get my runs in. But this morning I actually got to the gym at 7:15 and felt great, knowing that I didn’t have to worry about fitting it into my day. I should do that more often.

PM: Spent 40 minutes stretching, foam rolling, and using The Stick. Yet another thing I should do more often.

Thursday: 2 x 2.25 mile tempo, 7:26 average pace; 9 miles. First “real” workout this week. It was *tough* and uncomfortable but that’s the point of tempos, right?! Ran 2 mile warm-up, 2 x 2.5 tempo at 6:50-7:00 min/mile (2:30 jog recovery between), and 1.75 mile cooldown.

Went out to the lakefront for the first time in awhile. My legs could not find a rhythm at all–either wanted to go faster or slower than tempo pace. The head cold symptoms are pretty much gone, but I’m still having trouble breathing comfortably in the cold. Mucus just won’t leave and the post-nasal drip is getting annoying. Besides that, I guess I felt good and I’m glad that I can still hold on to a 6:50-6:55 pace even when I’m not feeling 100%.

PM: SLEEPFEST. You know you’re a runner in training when you’re super excited to go to bed before 9 PM. (Coach says “an athlete in training is a sleeping animal.”) All I could think about today was how much I wanted my bed and what time I’d likely fall asleep. I took an hour nap before dinner, ate dinner, and went back to bed. AND SLEPT FOR 10.5 HOURS. It’s like I don’t even know myself anymore! I used to be a huge night owl and thought that going to bed at 11 PM was “early”. These days, I’d much rather skip some TV shows and crawl into bed instead.

At some point, all of these fluids, vitamins, and sleep have to ward off this cold for good.

Friday: Easy 4 miles. Legs not sore at all from yesterday’s tempo and the sun was shining all day! PLUS, it was *almost* 40 degrees here. It’s the little things, ya know?

Saturday: 18 miles 7:50 average pace. I’M ON CLOUD 9 ABOUT THIS ONE! I seriously don’t know how this could have gone any better than it did. Speechless.

Week 9 Long Run 18 Miles

Sunday: (not so) sleepfest. Helping my mom move into her new lake house in Michigan. I should probably consider this strength/cross-training, huh?

Highlights o’ The Week:

  •  Added to my running playlist: Closer by Tegan and Sara
  • This week involved a whole lot less Mucinex and cold meds. (my stomach was VERY happy about that). A huge mug of Cinnamon Hearts from David’s tea before bed on Thursday was a nice, hot treat.
  • Basically….sleep was the ultimate highlight of this week.
  • Also, sunshine. (or whatever that giant ball of light in the sky is!) I walked the pup on Friday during lunch and I can’t get enough of her speedwalking.

Pictures o’ The Week:

2013-03-03 19.27.36

My mom was in town on Sunday afternoon. Barklee LOVES her (and yes, she posed for the camera)

2013-03-05 11.23.42

There was another dog in my life this week. This is my boss’ dog, Mr. Chips. He looks like Barklee but 7 times bigger (not kidding).

2013-03-06 08.55.54

I was dreaming about this Hazelnut Macchiato during my entire run on Wednesday. It was so worth it.

Marketing at its best: this “new” drink from Starbucks is just a carmel macchiato with hazelnut syrup. Woop!

+ I think it’s my cure for S.A.D.

2013-03-06 18.15.38

The Man and I went to Grass Fed for dinner this week. If you want a no-nonsense place that serves amazing steak, you know where to go.

2013-03-07 07.35.49

The lakefront was absolutely stunning on Thursday morning for my tempo. Best place to stop and think.


11 thoughts on “Boston Marathon 2013 Training: Week 9 of 14

  1. Xaarlin says:

    Kick arse 18 miler! And another FANTASTIC training week!

    Maybe too early- but do you feel like the Jillian dvd is worth it? I really need to step up my game with core work…

    Love your cutie pie pup 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks my friend! So I’ve done the 6 pack DVD 2 times now and I’d recommend it. (I mean, it’s only $7 bucks on Amazon.) It has a level 1 and level 2. You’re supposed to do level 1 for 3 weeks and level 2 for the same. Definitely felt the burn in other areas, not just my core. Let me know if you check it out!

  2. Pete B says:

    Nice, fast 18 miler, on top of all of the other miles and cross training! I will truly be eating your dust in Boston! Why does Jillian need to airbrush? C’mon! BTW I wish I could sleep 8.5 hours much less 10.5 hours. Awesome week! 🙂

  3. Stacey says:

    Hmmm I would have thought Jillian’s abs would look nicer than that??? Congrats on rocking your long run! 35 days until we kill it at Boston 🙂

  4. cisforcourtney says:

    Coach says “an athlete in training is a sleeping animal.” <– I LOVE THIS! Your coach should totally sell that quote in framed prints!

    I'm glad to hear that your cold officially made it's way out! Congrats on your solid 18 miler! Also, Barklee is SO. DARN. CUTE!

  5. Lora @ Crazy Running Girl says:

    Awesome 18 miler!! And love that picture of the Lakeshore. 🙂 I love Jillian, honestly… and structured workouts like her DVDs is exactly what I need when I’m not running since I really have no clue how to make circuit training/strength most effective!

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