A New Challenge

I’ve been struggling with one fussy left hip the past few weeks. I can feel it ache when I lay on my left side in bed, it’s vocal during portions of easy runs, and it, in general, feels like it needs some TLC. Like most runners, I don’t like to rest. I feel like that’s all I’ve done since the Twin Cities Marathon over two months ago. My mileage is somewhat laughable and enormously inconsistent. All I want to do right now is jump into a solid training cycle and challenge myself again. My heart says yes but (right now), my body is saying no.

So, this week. I am going to NOT run. I am going to cross train and strengthen. I went to a 90 minute vinyasa yoga class during lunch today and felt incredibly challenged. Lunges that I did two days ago are still locking up my quads and there are definitely muscles that needs to lengthened and strengthened. I feel like I’m going to go stir crazy, break down, and hop on the treadmill for “just a few miles”. I don’t want to. I want my hip to be kind to me and stop bumming me out.

I foam rolled and stretched right when I woke up this morning. Foam rolling the area seems to help for a bit, but then the muscles lock up again (I sincerely hope this is a muscular issue, as opposed to a skeletal one). I’m more conscious about how I sit when I’m working. I’m hoping this is something that a deep, sports massage can take care of.

Ok, I lied. I might go for a birthday run this weekend. But it definitely won’t be the 12-13 I was hoping to log.

Self-imposed challenge accepted.

5 thoughts on “A New Challenge

  1. Pete B says:

    I can relate to wanting to get back to running as soon as possible when I have an injury/pain. I just took a full week off just to make sure a nagging shin issue would not get worse. Hopefully I rested long enough. I have to keep telling myself that the best cure for a running injury is not running. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

    • Jenny says:

      It really is tough when all you want to do is RUN! I have a feeling I’ll bounce back with a bit more rest and some smart physical therapy. I keep telling myself patience is, in fact, a virtue!

  2. Xaarlin says:

    Oh gosh! I hope that hip clears up soon. A week off of running (while difficult) will be a nice treat since you trained so hard for your awesome races this year. My fingers are crossed that you get to hit the lakefront again soon!

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks! I saw a sports med doc last night and will start PT 2x/week for at least 4 weeks. Dealing with a stubborn gluteus medius muscle. I’m bummed about it but trying to keep my head up. I know that it’s better to deal with it now before Boston training begins. :/

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