My Fall/Winter Wishlist…Because why not?

Since racing Twin Cities and receiving my confirmation for Boston 2013, I’ve quickly come to the realization that I will need to stock up on fall/winter running gear in the very near future. I’ve never committed to a marathon training cycle during the winter, as both of my marathons have been in the fall. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a complete wuss when it comes to the cold, but ask me again in February or March when I’m battling the Chicago wind chill along the lake or getting creative with my training just to avoid the cold.

I already have some favorite winter running gear, but I don’t have nearly enough to go a week without doing a load of laundry dedicated to running clothes. So, if budget weren’t an issue and I could buy anything I want to get my through this next training cycle, I’d choose these items:

Saucony Women’s NMD Jacket $110

I haven’t invested in a nice running jacket and I think it’s about time I did. I typically layer a Saucony ViziPro half zip with other lighter long sleeve shirts, but I have a feeling the wind is going to be a big factor this winter.

Women’s Vertis Ex Hoody $90

I don’t think I’d wear this during a run, but it looks nice and snuggly for a post-run afternoon on the couch.

Saucony DryLete Loose Fit Beanie $22

I almost bought this hat last year and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t press ‘purchase’ and check out immediately. Looks comfy and I actually like that it’s a looser option, unlike my other more ‘snug’ hats.

Nike Element Half Zip $60

I’m a fan of half-zips for temperature control during the winter. Think “V neck”, not crew neck.

SmartWool Neck Gaiter $25

Ok, this seriously made me laugh out loud. And, for some strange reason, Running Warehouse thinks all neckwarmers or gaiters are only men’s products because they only had one listed in the women’s merchandise. This one looks small enough that I could comfortably wear it around my neck while running or flip it up onto my head to look like a hooligan.

Sugoi Women’s SubZero Zap Tight $80

The warmest tights I own are the standard Nike Thermal tights so I’ll definitely need to get some tights that are meant for really cold temperatures. These look comfy and I actually like the contrast piping.

Zoot ThermoMegaHeat Tight $85

Again, these look really comfortable. And both tights say they’re meant for temperatures below 30 degrees. That should do it for me, right?

What’s your favorite running gear? Do you have anything on your wishlist that I should add to mine for fall/winter running? This “cold weather wuss” (kinda) needs your help!

4 thoughts on “My Fall/Winter Wishlist…Because why not?

  1. msfitrunner says:

    I just started running in the cold last winter. Hate to admit, but I’ve become a lululemon snob and just LOVE their stuff. It fits perfectly (I’ve got long arms and legs and length is ALWAYS a problem) and its always right thickness for temp. I got an awesome pair of running rights on sale and love their longeeve tech tee. And they have adorable hats. But I love that saucony hat you posted. I also love runningwarehouse. Winter running is always difficult, don’t love it, but it def helps to have good gear! Good luck!:)

  2. Dominick S. says:

    This entire post makes me thankful to live in Southern California! I will agree with msfitrunner, Lululemon, although expensive, does make fantastic products. That blue Saucony sweat looks awesome though!

  3. Hillary says:

    The gaiters make me laugh. If you want more color or style options, swing over to the ski sections of a store. Same gaiters, just more options. 🙂 I have a few that I’ll break out from time to time, but I tend to get claustrophobic in them. I prefer a smaller turtleneck-style half-zip. I have a pair of Descente tights that would keep ice warm. They’re few years old at this point, and have held up really well. Matt also swears by Icebreakers’ wool gloves/beanies. My standard winter-wear is generally tights, Nike therma-fit or pro-combat top (they have some really nice, lined long-sleeves), and a full-zip lighter jacket or vest (I got a really cheap, basic, fleece one from old navy that works just fine for as often as I use it). You also might want to invest in some socks that have a bit higher of an ankle. On really cold days, the exposed skin between your tights and shoes can get pretty raw.

    Along the lines of gear, yaktrax might be a good investment for Jan/Feb ice, and you’ll also want to make sure you have a hand bottle or hydration belt for longer runs. The fountainheads are already slowing disappearing from the path, and won’t be back until April. 😦

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