Twin Cities 2012 Marathon Training: Week 11 Recap

Thank goodness for stepback weeks! Week 12 left me fatigued and sleepy!

My 18 mile run on the previous Sunday went well when it comes to numbers. I hit my target pace consistently, but I finished it wishing that my legs would have just given me a bit more. My legs felt heavy from the beginning and they didn’t even wake up halfway through the run. So, I decided to give myself a “rest” on Monday by focusing on a strength routine that I’ve been trying (keyword: trying) to incorporate into my schedule on a regular basis.

Monday: Core/Myrtl/Lunge Routines

Tuesday: Shakeout (legs locked up after the lunge matrix I did on Monday!)

Wednesday: 6 x 800 in under 3:20 each

Thursday: REST

Friday: Tempo (2 x 2 mile at 7:05 or faster)

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 14 miles (first 7 at 8:15, second 7 at 7:50-2:00)

I suppose I’m still in ‘base building’ mode (at least that’s what Coach says) but I’m feeling a bit worn down. I was so excited at the beginning of the week when I realized I only had to run 14 on Sunday, but I went out yesterday morning kind of dreading the entire thing. My body just wouldn’t stick to the target pace. In hindsight, I suppose it’s not such a bad thing that my body wants to go faster than the long run training pace, but that’s not the point of a marathon is it? In short, I think the speed training this past spring has made me feel more comfortable going faster than slower and I have some work to do to get the endurance back 100%.

I never thought I’d say these words, but Friday’s tempo run was my favorite of the week, by FAR! It was cloudy and I knew the storm clouds were rolling in that morning. The goal was: 1 mile warmup, 2 x 2 mile at 7:05 pace, and 1 mile cooldown. My legs felt so good that I ran each tempo mile under 7:00 min/mile pace! I’d been hoping for a run in the warm rain for a few weeks and I finally got to enjoy that feeling—2 miles of a steady sprinkle and it was glorious!

I haven’t been nervous about my second marathon until today. I was thinking about what has to happen in the next 10 weeks (either in my running, professional, or personal life!) and it is a bit overwhelming to me right now. I’d like to have the energy to do it all. I need to keep reminding myself that achieving goals take a certain amount of sacrifice and I need to be willing to give up on some things in order to accomplish those that are most important to me. Bottom line: the next 10 weeks is dedicated to taking care of my body and enjoying time with people I love.

One thought on “Twin Cities 2012 Marathon Training: Week 11 Recap

  1. Jessica says:

    You can do it! Life definitely gets overwhelming, but you just have to trust the old runner in you will come back. Maybe your trip to Montana will help 🙂

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