The Beginning: Increasing the Mileage

Last week was Week 12 leading up to the Twin Cities Marathon in October. And, surprise surprise, it was my highest mileage week of the year so far!

I have had some really great runs lately. Last weekend, I felt like a badass with a 16 mile run at 8:09 average pace. Coach told me to do a 3 min pick-up after every third mile of this run and I felt amazing. My legs didn’t want to stop and I finished the 16 mileage with energy left. After my (unexpected) strong 5k last Thursday and my long run on Saturday, I felt so strong.

And I went into this past week with a great attitude.

Monday: Easy miles

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: Speedwork (2 x 1200 and 4 x 800)

Thursday: Easy miles

Friday: Tempo (5 tempo miles at 7:10 or faster)

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 18 miles at 8:20 average

I hit my target paces on Wednesday and Friday and enjoyed the miles on my easy days. I didn’t know how many miles I was going to run on Thursday and left my apartment thinking that I’d run 4-5. Instead, I ran 6 just because I felt good and didn’t really want to stop. (The overcast skies and the cooler temps likely had something to do with this.)

I need to work on incorporating my strength routine into my schedule. I have the tendency to squeeze my workout in where I can and then I don’t have time to do my core, lunge, or Myrtl routines. I have to get better at that.

This training cycle is already starting out lightyears beyond where I started in my training for the Chicago Marathon last year. I’m still trying to take it day by day and try not to get too ahead of myself. I know that the results won’t come immediately and that I have to continue to work hard. My 18-miler this weekend was the first really tough long run I have had in awhile. I need to be patient with myself and prepare mentally for days when I don’t feel invincible.

11 weeks to go!



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