Bar Charts of Hard Work & Happiness

I’m having one of those days. Ya know, those days that you spend on the couch in your PJs eating chocolate, listening to music, and reading random things online? Well, I found the perfect remedy for the impending guilt resulting from eating that second candy bar–Dailmyile mileage charts!

I looked at my weekly and monthly mileage so far for the year:

Weeky Mileage Jan-June 2012

Not too shabby considering I was only focusing on the half marathon, I’d say. Looking back on the past 6 months, it doesn’t really seem like I was consistent but that’s the good thing about numbers—they don’t lie.

Monthly Mileage June 2011-June 2012

Now, THIS is cool. Last summer I was focusing on training for my first marathon and peaked at 144 miles in September (likely ran one mile extra just to beat August’s total!). But I’ve come fairly close to that number this spring even while training for half the distance. I started my Twin Cities marathon training cycle this week and Coach says I’ll be peaking at 50 miles per week. Can’t wait to see that tiny little blue bar inch upward to reach 200 miles/month mid-summer!

How do you track your workouts/mileage? Are you a paper or online (or both!) person?


6 thoughts on “Bar Charts of Hard Work & Happiness

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi! I used to use my Garmin watch to track my runs and it was great! But now he’s two years old and takes forever to find satellites, loses runs and of course doesn’t count treadmill mileage. So basically I don’t have a great way to track miles – I subtract them from my running total on my blog when I remember. Which isn’t always….I may have to check out dailymile – looks pretty cool!

    • Jenny says:

      Hey! Poor Mr. Garmin! May be time for a new one?? Dailymile is great. I started using it over a year ago and have met so many awesome runners in Chicago by using it along with Twitter. You should definitely check it out! – You can actually sync your Garmin with it too!

  2. Maggie says:

    I also ran 100 miles in June!

    I run with a Garmin, and sync my stats with both DailyMile and RunningAhead. I like the look and social aspect of DailyMile, but RunningAhead offers a little bit more customization when it comes to how many charts and graphs you can have on your dashboard.

  3. Charlyn says:

    It’s really nothing short of amazing and inspiring what you’ve accomplished in running over the past year! (I’m going to have to read about your 1st marathon now!) it looks like you were very consistent in running- funny how our minds can lead us to believe otherwise- but as you said, numbers don’t lie.

    I just use DM for logging miles. Sometimes I’ll track my weight on the printouts of my training schedule. I never used to log miles before this year and figured with all of my past injuries, that it might be a good idea to keep track in case there is a pattern which causes me to break down.

    I’m really excited to follow your training for your next marathon- I have a feeling you’re going to do awesome 🙂

  4. markemmanuel says:

    I track my workouts with Daily Mile too. I need a better way to track other data like my weight loss and such. I’ll probably use Google Docs for that.

    I hit 243 last June. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again anytime soon. Good luck on your Twin Cities Marathon Training!

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