She’s growing up!

When I say “she”, I mean my sister. And when I say sister, I mean TWIN sister. Over Christmas, her boyfriend of many years proposed and…

She said YES!

It’s all very exciting. We’ve become thoroughly addicted to Pinterest (not that we weren’t before, of course) and we already have plans to get together in February to begin the dress hunt. She’s so on top of things, even though she thinks the countdown has already begun. We’ve got 8 full months to make sure it’s a special day.

Congrats, sis!


One thought on “She’s growing up!

  1. lifeisarun says:

    Congrats to your sis!! The countdown began for me the moment the planning started! It’s always nice to get things done early to avoid as much stress as possible! Hope y’all have a fun time planning her big day!

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