I’m still digesting my marathon experience…

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. It’s now 4 days after my debut marathon and I have yet to sit down and write my race recap. I know! It’s horrible and I’m sure each time you log on and see that there hasn’t been a new post in 9+ days, you become even more frustrated and disappointed (ahem….Lindsey!).

I promise that I will sit down tonight and gurgle out the details of the marathon. I’ll let you know what worked, whether or not I peed my pants (can you guess?), and what I did to prepare and recover, among other things. But if you don’t follow me on Twitter or Dailymile, I will give you a tidbit of information now.

I shattered my marathon goal on Sunday.

I wore two pace bands. And I didn’t need the one that said 3:40 at the top. Hint hint. Check out the blog tonight for the full details!


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