Inspiration Friday: Week 2

I thought about what this week’s inspiration could be for a couple of days and couldn’t think of anything. Inspiration doesn’t always come when it needs to and sometimes you find it in the least likely of all places. I’m beginning this weekly ritual so that I can stay mindful of my goals and remember that there’s always going to be something to be happy about when I’m running/active. Anyone that has ever trained regularly for a race or followed an exercise regimen knows that it’s often not easy. Luckily, the hard work pays off in the end and you can look back on those hard days and know why the pain was necessary.

This week’s inspiration is more simple than that. This past week, I had the pleasure of taking Manny to Fleet Feet to get his first pair of official running shoes. Many of you may know Manny as my “cheerleader” (how I refer to him in most race recaps). Others may know him as “DJ extraordinaire”. And without him to support me through my running in the past couple of months, I know that I would not have come so far. After the Shamrock Shuffle this year, Manny started to drop hints that he wanted to start running and take advantage of some running swag. I have a feeling spectating just wasn’t enough for him anymore. (And, really, when is it enough?) I’m finding inspiration in the fact that he wants to try something new, become more active, and enjoy some therapeutic alone running time. It’s therapeutic for me and I know it will be for him too.

He walked out of Fleet Feet with a fresh pair of Mizunos and today, on his day off, he’ll be running in his first pair of running kicks…EVER! I think everyone probably knows someone that has thought about running before, but never taken that first step. It might inspire you to do more if you reach out to that person and share your passion for running–and who knows, they might just beat you at your next race.


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