Big 1-0-0!

I finally hit the big 1-0-0 in terms of monthly mileage! Especially after taking it very easy the week following the Flying Pig Half Marathon, I think this is super impressive. It seems like it’s getting easier and easier to push mileage every week. The past two weeks were highest in terms of mileage since my training began in January as well–each were 27 miles per week!

After the 13.1 Marathon this weekend, I’m going to take a step back in terms of training to prepare for my second training cycle to begin in July. June will be a mixture of rest, cross-training, yoga, and easy fun runs. Nervous about losing my mojo, but I’m confident that I’ll be able to kick back into high gear come July. I’m looking forward to an entire week on the beach and poolside in Cabo with Manny to celebrate our 4th anniversary. I’ll be all smiles!

Milestones are fun, aren’t they?


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