Inspiration Friday: Week 1

Yesterday I came across the inspirational video and highlight reel of the Chicago Marathon 10.10.10. If you are a runner, strive to ‘become’ a runner, or love the atmosphere that the marathon brings to the city, I suggest you watch it here. But be sure to have some Kleenex ready because you might just shed a tear or two.

Side note: the runners themselves aren’t the only ones to cry during or after a race. I’ve experience a lot of emotion watching loved ones run and my twin sister confessed to me yesterday that she cried when she saw me run by her during my first half marathon. There are probably countless reasons to shed a tear in this situation, but I have a feeling it all boils down to feelings of pride–whether it be for your own hard work or for others’.

The Chicago Marathon on 10.9.11 will be my first marathon. And I have a feeling I will be bawling at the end, proud of myself for dedicating at least 9 months of time and effort to training for the big day. What inspires you to do the same?

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