This Just Happened! 2014 Race Plans

This Just Happened! 2014 Race Plans

1. NYC Half Marathon
2. Boston Marathon


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9 thoughts on “This Just Happened! 2014 Race Plans

  1. Someone is all about East Coast racing in 2014! I’m also running the NYC Half for the third time. Maybe we’ll actually meet (instead of me spying you while running like on your last NYC trip!).

  2. Awesome!!! I won’t be at NYC but I’ll be at Boston with ya!

  3. Congratulations!!! My goal is qualifying for Boston. I looked at the NYC and was shocked at their qualifications times!!! Way to go! Good luck!!!

    • Thanks! Yeah, the NYC qualification time for “guaranteed entry” are fast, but I entered the lottery. Looking forward to my first race in NYC. When’s your next race?

  4. Quality racing right there!

  5. So jealous you got into the half, but I can’t wait to cheer you on!

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