Chi Women’s 5k Preview

Yesterday’s 5k was somewhat disappointing but somewhat motivating for the rest of this cycle. I was 3 seconds from a PR and let the heat and humidity get to me mentally. I’ll have a full recap up in a day or two but here’s a preview!

Chi Women's 5k 2013 Results


I didn’t run the time I wanted to, but a 7th place finish isn’t too shabby!


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6 thoughts on “Chi Women’s 5k Preview

  1. Congrats on the near PR. I recognize some fast/elite runner names on that list, so you should be proud of such a speedy time in that heat/humidity.

  2. Congratulations!! That is an insane time! I absolutely loved the event :) so inspiring to see all the women out there.

  3. A near PR in the heat? If only it was a month ago! I’d be proud of it!

  4. Really nice work on a pretty tough day out there… and just gotta say, that was the EXACT same time I posted on Memorial Day back in OH. We’re on the same wavelength, girl. Throw some nicer weather your way, and that sub-20 is in the bag, handily.

  5. Dude. It was brutal out there and you performed well! That sub 20/ PR is going to happen soon for you :)

  6. 7th female. 3rd AG. oh, HOLLLLA! nice!

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